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MKP Property Lawyers launched in 2015 as a collective of the legal industry’s most experienced property lawyers, paralegals and support staff on board.

The goal is to deliver clear, direct legal guidance on all things property without the technical jargon and fence-sitting usually associated with law.

We are a boutique, specialist firm servicing clients across Australia. Our experienced property lawyers and support staff act across the entire property landscape – from first home buyers to property developers to complex commercial transactions.

Efficiency is our signature

Unlike a full-service law firm, property is all we do at MKP. Our legal teams are prompt and easy to work with because we’re focused.

We innately understand the law as it relates to property transactions, corporate interactions and disputes because we’re on the front line every day. We don’t have to waste time familiarising ourselves with the relevant legislation. That’s how we’re able to offer such a cost-effective service.

Your property partner for the long haul

Much of our business is repeat and many of our clients are long term. Our goal is to be a part of your property journey for decades to come, whether we are helping with your first house, future investments, development projects or commercial endeavours.

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Embracing innovation

What was an old-fashioned process in an archaic industry has at last been transformed with the arrival of PEXA. The Australian property market’s online platform negates the need for in-person settlements and complex transfers. If you’re concerned about the safety of settling online, rest assured the process is risk-free. PEXA guarantees funds in the unlikely event of a cyber hacking.

MKP uses PEXA – always with the utmost security in regards to personal data – to operate and settle property transactions as opposed to physically having to attend, draw large cheques and operate with a heavy reliance on paper. This makes the settlement process faster, more efficient and less expensive for clients because they don’t have to pay for the lawyer’s time on settlement day. Mandatory in some states, PEXA is fully endorsed by a number of state governments and major banks.

We look after clients Australia wide. Call us today on 1300 695 397 to discuss your requirements.

Australia-wide expertise

MPK Legal provides strategic legal advice to clients across Australia from our offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast.

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