Uncomplicated conveyancing from property experts

Ensuring property success for our clients on time, every time

At MKP, our dedicated team of property lawyers and conveyancing support staff work with you step by step to ensure a smooth sale or purchase.

When you engage experienced property lawyers for your conveyancing, the difference is immediately clear. The process is uncomplicated, the stress is off your shoulders and you can focus on your relocation or your next project. Expect a smooth, stress-free process where our specialist conveyancing lawyers consider every eventuality and cover all bases.

The trouble with entrusting your conveyancing needs to an inexperienced operator is that things get missed and contracts fall through. This is a niche legal discipline that has become more complex over time. The more experienced your conveyancing team, the easier and safer the process is for you, your stakeholders and your family.

Well-connected property specialists

MKP are property specialists with comprehensive legal experience. We have strong relationships with trusted brokers, lenders, buyers agents, accountants and tax agents who we can put you in touch with as required.

Wherever you are, we can take care of everything

With offices across the country, MKP property lawyers provide a full range of conveyancing services nationwide. Our expert team of property lawyers and support staff have developed an in-depth knowledge of state and territory differences in the conveyance process.

You can rest assured you will receive the same quality conveyancing services regardless of your location thanks to our ultra-secure document handling platform. When you wish to speak with your property lawyer, they are always just a phone call away.

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We look after clients Australia wide. Call us today on 1300 695 397 to discuss your requirements.

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Our conveyancing services

MKP quickly and efficiently delivers the following property transaction services via our expert property contract lawyers and paralegals:

  • Reviewing & preparing contracts
  • Reviewing & conducting property searches
  • Liaising with third-party financiers
  • Coordinating with real estate agents
  • Communicating with solicitors from the other side
  • Preparing settlement documentation and statements
  • Providing general advice on property transactions

Embracing innovation

What was an old-fashioned process in an archaic industry has at last been transformed with the arrival of PEXA. The Australian property market’s online platform negates the need for in-person settlements and complex transfers. If you’re concerned about the safety of settling online, rest assured the process is risk-free. PEXA guarantees funds in the unlikely event of a cyber hacking.

MKP uses PEXA – always with the utmost security in regards to personal data – to operate and settle property transactions as opposed to physically having to attend, draw large cheques and operate with a heavy reliance on paper. This makes the settlement process faster, more efficient and less expensive for clients because they don’t have to pay for the lawyer’s time on settlement day. Mandatory in some states, PEXA is fully endorsed by a number of state governments and major banks.

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A note on security

Property transactions involve large sums of money in the form of investments and people’s life savings. It is vital that your conveyancing partner has ultra-secure protections in place and a high level of professional indemnity (PI) insurance coverage.

MKP ensures an air-tight transfer of funds through rigid security measures, including a complex key-chain of passwords and an emergency firewall safeguarded by our IT department.